Pharmacy Discount Card

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Patient: Present this card to your pharmacist for an immediate discount on your medication. If you are covered by insurance or Medicare Part D, please ask your pharmacist to evaluate whether it is cheaper to opt out of your coverage and use this card instead.

Pharmacist: This card is designed to help patients afford their medications, and contains the information you need to immediately determine and process the appropriate discount for the patient. If the patient has insurance, please check to see whether it would be cheaper for the patient to opt out of their insurance policy and use this card instead. If you have any questions, please call 1-877-277-7934.

Questions? Call 1-877-277-7934


Disclaimer: This card is not insurance. It is to be used as a discount card for medications and not in conjunction with any insurance policy or federal subsidy program. Please consult your doctor prior to purchasing any medications.

Accepted at all major pharmacies nationwide


Additional Information and Disclaimer

Coupon Doc has brought you this pharmacy discount card to help you save on the medications you need to stay healthy. Our pharmacy discount network includes over 60,000 chain and independent pharmacies across the nation, including all CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens and Wal-Mart pharmacies. If you are uninsured or underinsured, this coupon is your best bet to save money on your prescription medication. There are no fees, contracts, or obligations attached to use of this prescription discount card.

Unlike other drug cards currently offered on the market, our pharmacy discount card can conveniently be printed or texted to your phone and reused for consistent savings on the medications that you need. This discount card will offer you savings of up to 30% on name-brand medications, and up to 80% on generic medications. Our Coupon Doc Pharmacy Card offers an average savings of 60%, compared to other drug card programs such as AARP and CVS that offer an average of 25% savings.

Please note that this prescription discount card is not insurance, and can not be used in conjuction with an insurance or Medicare Part D plan, nor can it be used in conjunction with other discount pharmacy cards. You should consult with your doctor prior to taking any medication.

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